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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Herring Bay is a 3,145 acre body of water that includes Rockhold, Tracy, and Parker creeks on the north and Rose Haven Harbor on the south. Herring Bay has been designated as one of two "no discharge" zones in the State of Maryland because of its ecological value and intenstive use by boaters. Our watershed covers the approximately 25-square mile area that drains into Herring Bay.

Inset from the New and Accurate Chart of Chesapeake, printed in London, July 1, 1776.
See EPA's synoposis of Herring Bay.
See DNR's mapping of Herring Bay's Green Infrastructure Hubs and Corridors.
See a topographic map of the Herring Bay watershed.
See the 2006 zoning characteristics of the Herring Bay watershed.
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Sampling in Herring Bay