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Critical Area and Land Use

AHB offers comments and testimony on various regulatory and permitting matters that affect the Critical Area, especially when those decisions would affect Herring Bay. Our comments on such matters can be viewed by clicking on the following links:

What's Hot

Letter to Schuh and County Council, Solar - November 2017 [PDF]
Testimony on Birdsville Variance - October 2017 [PDF]
Testimony on Ammended Ag-tourism bill - July 2017 [PDF]
Comments on Ammended Ag-tourism bill - June 2017 [PDF]
Testimony on Ag-tourism bill - May 2017 [PDF]
Statement on Rural Conservation Area Bill - December 2016 [PDF]
Statement on Composting Bill - December 2016 [PDF]
Statement on Peer Review - April 2016 [PDF]
Webbs Corner Testimony - January 2016 [PDF]
Letter-Streetlights and Wildlife - November 2015 [PDF]
Testimony on Pollinator Bill - March 2015 [PDF]
Stastement on Critical Area Bill - February 2015 [PDF]
Testimony at Board of Appeals RenFest -- October 2014 [PDF]
Testimony on Illegal Land Uses -- October 2014 [PDF]
Testimony on RenFest -- June 2014 [PDF]
Maritime District Information -- February 2013 [PDF]
Statement on Open Space bill -- September 2012 [PDF]
Letter on Open Space Zoning -- March 2012 [PDF]
Letter requesting veto of zoning bill -- August 2011 [PDF]
Letter on rezoning in Fairhaven -- April, 2011 [PDF]
Letter on rezoning in Friendship -- April 2011 [PDF]
Letter on state funding for Open Space -- March 2011 [PDF]
Testimony on stream buffers--August 2010. [PDF]
Testimony on impact fees--April 2010. [PDF]
Comments on zoning amendments--February 2010. [PDF]
Comments on buffer regulations--December 21, 2009 [PDF]
Testimony on GDP legislation--August 2009 [PDF]
Testimony on zoning enforcement--June 2009 [PDF]
Letter regarding Lyons Creek DMP--March 2009 [PDF]
Comments on General Development Plan - February 2009 [PDF]
Comments on legislation regarding sewer in the Critical Area [PDF]
Appointments to the Board of Appeals (2007) [PDF]
Proposed Changes to County's Critical Area Regulations (2006) [PDF]
Herrington Harbor North's Claim of a Critical Area Mapping Mistake (2006) [PDF]
Testimony on Subdivision and Zoning Rules (2005) [PDF]

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