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Old Colony Cove Farm

Old Colony Cove Farm is the ecological anchor of Herring Bay. Its 312 acres hosts nearly a mile of pristine shoreline and about 200 acres of intact woodlands. Most of the property has been classified as part of the state’s "green infrastructure" and its beaches have been designated as breeding and nesting habitat for horseshoe crabs, terrapins, bald eagles, and colonial nesting shorebirds. In 2004, Mrs. Virginia Quigley adopted an environmental easement to preserve Old Colony Cove as a nature sanctuary, which is enforced by the Maryland Environmental Trust and Scenic Rivers Land Trust.

Old Colony was bequeathed to the Nature Conservancy in 2008. AHB has urged the Nature Conservancy to strengthen the environmental covenants before selling the property to ensure that these ecological assets are truly protected as envisioned by Mrs. Quigley and state policy.

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