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Health of Herring Bay


The marshes, fields, and woodlands in the Herring Bay region provide diverse habitats for native species of plants, birds, amphibians, and mammals. Here's how AHB is working to protect those sensitive habitats:

Monitoring SAVs: In the summer, members survey the submerged aquatic grasses in certain tributaries. Extensive stands of horned-pondweed and widgon grass have been found near the headwaters of the Fairhaven lake and near Colony Cove between Fairhaven and Rosehaven. See photos of SAV by Old Colony Cove taken July 30, 2011.

Monitoring biodiversity: Help us identify the vegetation along Fairhaven Road near the lake. Check out these photos and email us your results!

What's Hot

 We're eradicating phragmites by our beaches and Tacaro. Learn more [PDF].

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Sampling in Herring Bay