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Bird Count

Herring Bay provides world-class bird habitat throughout the year. Raptors such as broad-winged hawks, northern harriers, and peregrine falcons migrate over Herring Bay each spring, often chasing migrating warblers. Various gulls and terns, green and blue herons, and osprey summer here. Autumn finds spotted sandpipers, snowy egrets, and blue-winged teal passing through. The winter Bay attracts myriad birds to the water, including loons, swans, ducks, gannets, and geese.

Observing both these migratory birds and the resident eagles, blackbirds, killdeer, and kingfishers heightens awareness and appreciation for Herring Bay and provides crucial data for measuring environmental health. AHB is committed to maintaining high quality bird habitat and to collecting data and participating in Jug Bay's Christmas Bird Count.

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Sampling in Herring Bay